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Health Net Members get paid to protect their health

Incentive offer from Health Net of California, Inc. and Health Net Life Insurance Company (Health Net)

Health Net is paying members to invest in their health! Health Net individual and family plan (on and off exchange) and small group members in California will be invited to participate.

We’ve contracted with MedXM, a Quest Diagnostics Company that is a national leader in preventive care science, to offer free in-home health assessments for members who have not yet had their 2018 annual wellness exam. Members who complete the assessment will get a $100 MasterCard gift card! (This card cannot be used to pay health plan premiums.)

Member Outreach

Eligible members will first receive a letter with a blank MasterCard gift card as invitation to participate. (The card gets activated after they complete their assessment.)

Next, they’ll get an email, and then a phone call where a MedXM representative will explain the program and schedule an appointment.

How the Assessment Works

A licensed doctor or nurse practitioner will provide a one-hour wellness exam that includes a physical exam and a review of the member’s health status, medical history and medications – all in the comfort of their home. Members can also schedule an appointment at a local clinic or retail location.

Health-boosting Rewards

Within 48 hours after the appointment, we will load $100 on the gift card the member received with the letter. Members also will receive relevant tips, tools and advice based on their unique health profile.

Learn More

Members can learn more about MedXM, the services they provide, and their relationship with Health Net at Or they can contact Health Net at the number on their ID card.

Thank you for your support.

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