Our Team

Peter J. Kim, CISR-Account Manager.

Insurance industry since 2005, He like to doing mountain biking, Badminton & Golf.
Commercial & Personal lines both are his specialty.  CA Lic #0E88900. E-mail at  Peter@londongeneralins.com

Roy S. Kim, Assistant General Manager.

Insurance industry since 2014, He likes to playing guitar, reading a book and go to hiking. Commercial & Personal Lines are his specialty. CA Lic#0I70162. E-mail at Roy@londongeneralins.com


Su Chin Lee, Account Manager.

Insurance industry since 2010, She like to cook, doing Yoga & bowling. Personal Lines are her specialty.CA Lic#0B99140. E-mail at Su@londongeneralins.com

Connie Kim, Riverside Branch Manager.

Insurance industry since 1988, she likes to play golf, camping & auto harp. Personal Line & Medical Insurance are specialty.  CA License #0709390.E-mail at Ac4954@yahoo.com

Alex K. Kim,Senior Account Executive/Riverside Branch.

Insurance industry since 2008, he likes to play golf and camping. Senior Care products are his specialty.CA License #0G21466.

E-mail at Ac4954@yahoo.com


Howard Y. Hwang, CISR-President.

Insurance industry since 1980, he likes to go out for hiking ,learning Saxophone & watch movies. All kind of large account, group account & hard to place risk are his specialty. Licensed at CA License #0621239, AZ License #886477, NV License #529281,TX License #435702 & GA License #789570  E-mail at Howard@londongeneralins.com

Min Young Park, Intern/Accounting Assistant.

She likes playing the piano & watching movie. Account reconciling, company payable & commission payable, internet marketing, social media communication etc.E-mail at min@londongeneralins.com

Mike J. Kim, Fullerton Branch Manager.

Insurance Industry since 2014, he like to play basketball, watching baseball games. Speaks German fluently, specialized at Medicare Products. CA Lic #0G30280. E-mail at Mike@londongeneralins.com


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