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Advisors created a game plan to prepare client for this retirement expense

Wednesday, May 22nd, 2019

KEY POINTS 1: Someone turning 65 today faces a nearly 70% chance of needing long-term-care services during their remaining years, according to government data. 2: Some advisors recommend a hybrid solution — a life insurance policy combined with long-term-care  coverage. 3: Self-insuring, which means relying on your own assets if and when you face paying…Read More

Skimping can’t save seniors from rising med cost

Tuesday, June 5th, 2018

WASHINGTON (AP) — Medicare recipients filled fewer prescriptions for pricey brand-name drugs — but spent more on such meds anyway, says a government report released Monday. It blames rising manufacturer prices for squeezing older people and taxpayers. The Health and Human Services inspector general’s office says it found a 17 percent drop in the overall…Read More

Medicare Part D Premium Penalty

Thursday, August 30th, 2012

65세 이상이 되신 고객들 중 건강한 분들중에 간혹 본인이 건강하시다는 이유로 복용약 보험이 필요 없을 것이라는 오해를 하시고 Medicare Part D(복용약 보험) 의 가입을 기피하신 분들을 봅니다. 그러나 이런 분들이라 하시더라도 제 때에 복용약 보험을 가입하시지 않으면 Medicare Part D 보험료 벌금을 나중에 가입하실때에 물게 되십니다. 따라서 모든 65세 이상이 되시는 분들은 제때에 Medicare Plan 중…Read More

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